To Bozeman Daily Chronicle regarding Ethics Ruling

Where do you find these reporters? And where are your editors? From 21 November, page C1: “Ethics ruling brings two-year-old political fued to an end.” Big news! The Republican Koopman and the Democrat Vincent have differences of opinions — so what?

More importantly, Commissioner of Political Practices Dennis Unsworth found John “Vincent did violate campaign laws.” “Violate” — That means he broke the law, doesn’t it? Where was the follow-up on this politicians illegal action? What specifically did he do and how was he punished? What was the penalty which should discourage Vincent from repeating this violation?

In this article the Chronicle failed in its responsibility as people’s watchdog to the government. With such poor quality and biased reporting it is no surprise that newspapers are on the decline. And it is no wonder that politicians continue to ignore the laws they vote to enact.

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 10:35 AM, Newsroom Clerk wrote:

Letters to the editor must include the writer’s current mailing address, the town will be printed, and a daytime phone number for the editor to use for verification or questions, if needed. If you wish your letter to be considered for publication, please provide this information.

Mon 24 Nov 08

Thank you for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, the Chronicle again misses the point.

The issue is why Bozeman Daily Chronicle blatantly ignored news about John Vincent’s violation. The issue is whether this is an isolated oversight on the part of the paper. The issue is how does Bozeman Daily Chronicle address readers’ complaints to improve the quality of its reporting.

Whether or not my original letter is publishable is irrelevant. My concerns remain unaddressed.

Regards –

[Chronicle reply 24 November 2008]

Your e-mail has been forwarded to Nick Ehli, the Chronicle’s managing editor….

Bozeman Chronicle Newsroom

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