Good Stuff from "The Nuge."

“I have made a difference every day of my life by standing up for what I believe in, in a no-holds-barred, passionate way. The curse of apathy is the number one enemy of America, and I refuse to allow the sacrifices of U.S. military heroes to go for naught. Activism is the duty of all Americans. An experiment in self-government demands participation by all who benefit from it. These heroes, these military warriors, who volunteered to crush evil wherever they could find it — if they are so willing to sacrifice so much, how dare any of us not participate? So for each of those … who don’t participate in the freedom provided by the sacrifices of warriors, I would beg thee, to do some research…and reconsider whether you might owe somebody something.

Everywhere I go, every interview I do, I basically say, ‘If you’re not a member of [an activist group] you’re helping the enemy, which makes you the enemy.’ Now, a lot of gentle souls across the land have their feelings hurt when I say that, but it’s time to hurt some feelings because that statement is accurate. The tip of the cultural war spear is our [Constitution’s Bill of Rights].”

Source: Ted Nugent, One On One, by Chris W. Cox. American Rifleman magazine, May 2010, pg. 16.

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