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Welcome. Another damned blog? Don’t these people have lives?

Fair question.

Aviation is a dynamic and information-intensive activity. The pursuit for understanding and excellence is perpetual. This is both a personal journey and a guided adventure under the watchful eye of an experienced CFI.

Ultimately, all an educator sells is information. Traditionally, unless a subject was profitable, it languished in some file cabinate or textbook. Now, welcome to the internet! The “blog” offers a means of contributing to the aviation community beyond the structured for-profit lesson.

This site is one of many steps I’m testing to improve the exchange of ideas amongst interested parties. This starts with my interests — General Aviation; Smaller, open, people-driven government; Privacy; Small Business; The Aviaton Education Industry; Data archive. Other categories will be added as your demand dictates. This is a clearing house of ideas and resources. Mainly, it is my plaything as I satisfy my curiosity, rant, rave, and pontificate.

Don’t these Bloggers have lives? Yes, I do. General aviation and education is my life and my profession. Thanks for visiting. Feel free to contribute.

—Thomas Nagorski