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Instructor Rate Sheet 2018


 Instruction & Pilot Services


 Advanced flight or ground instruction: $100 / hr.
 Mountain, Aerobatics, HP, Complex, Tailwheel, & TAA aircraft checkouts: $100 / hr. 
 Flight Review (PIC no more than 90 days out of currency): $300
 Instrument Proficiency Check (PIC no more than 90 days out of currency): $300
(Combining endorsements may require additional charges.)  
 One-Half Day Rate (Max. 4.0 hrs.): $350
 Day Rate (Max 10.0 hrs.): $650
Endorsement Courses: Please Inquire
Professional contract pilot services: Please Inquire

Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card (via PayPal - 3% card charge may apply).

Businesses: Purchase Order may be required.

Monthly and automatic payment options may be available to established accounts.

 On-Line Tutoring via Instant Messaging

You can access Paragon’s custom, one-on-one, quality instruction from anywhere. Your search for an outstanding aviation tutor is at your fingertips. Treat yourself to the opportunity to pick the brain of a General Aviation Specialist with 40+ years experience, and let Tom Nagorski, ATP with 5,700+ hours as a career CFI, assist as you prepare for checkride, flight review, aircraft purchase, or continuing education. Minimum 1/2 hour session. Email today using the Contact button above, to arrange your Instant Messaging tutoring session.


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