Buzz Lightyear

Owner, Paragon Air Adventures LLC.

ATP-Airplane MEL; Commercial Pilot, Airplane Single-Engine Land & Glider.
High Performance, Complex, Tailwheel and High Altitude Endorsed.

Flight Instructor; Airplane Single & Multi-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane, and Glider.

Welcome to my world - southwest Montana and Paragon Air Adventures, LLC. I discovered flying in a typical way for the time -- as a kid bicycling out to Gallatin Field and strolling the ramp, without the intimidation of barbed wire fences or locked security gates. (Ah, the good ole' days. Any wonder why I get protective of General Aviaton at KBZN?)

In 1977, at age 16, a solo scholarship from Montana Wing Civil Air Patrol allowed me to start flying lessons at Belgrade. Aviation soon turned into a family affair; my father, brother and I all began flying within a year of each other. I obtained my private certificate in 1978.